Why do you need a Website? If you are reading this page, it's possible you are interested in making an investment in webpage design BUT you are skeptical or unsure, as to what benefits or uses a website could offer your commercial or non-commercial venture.


Basic Website Design

Web Site DesignThe very least an internet website can offer you is a permanent place to communicate a message, be that advertising a product / service or spreading the word on a life changing experience. A whole industry has evolved surrounding this basic need and if you want a successful website, you need to find the right web developer.

Before the first snippet of HTML code is written, LiveMedia will endeavour to understand WHO your website is aimed at and WHY. Breaking down your initial desires for website ownership and creating clear goals to aim for.

This will allow us to produce a site that targets a specific audience and enhancing the impact of your message and furthering your goals.

Commercial Webpage Design

Web Site DesignCommercial websites can increase sales and broaden your marketplace to global proportions. This is the common appeal for business owners to dive into the world wide web. Unfortunately, it takes time, investment and patience to produce a site that meets any of the prior qualities. There are no short-cuts (unless you can afford to pay extra for speed & advertising), only methods to help your site stand out from the crowd - and for some, the competition is vast!

Search Engine Optimization - Be Seen

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular phrase for web designers and for good reason. No matter the visual quality or intuitive nature of your websites navigation system, if the designer has no SEO knowledge, only you and your current customers will find your site.

LiveMedia will work with you to maximise your sites SEO compatibility and ensure an efficient and keyword rich site, that helps your seach engine ranking.


From up-to-date Menus & Product Listings, to the latest deal or event, a website provides a dynamic method of advertisement. Expanding your lines of communication and allowing customers to make no-obligation enquiries or give general feedback, is another attraction for companies. This can help your business develope around your customers needs, rather than just gut decision making.

LiveMedia can integrate communication systems that will help you build up a base of information to achieve just this.

Non-Commercial Website Design

Web Site DesignWebpage design is by no means just a commercial venture. A site can express your feelings on a particular subject or act as beacon in helping you communicate a particular message. It can become a place to show off your skills (be that your CV or a sporting video) or help celebrate a milestone in your life, from Weddings to Births. Maybe you are running a team or fanclub and want to expand membership.

Whatever your need, drop us a line and we will work with you to produce a site we can both be proud of.

SEO - Spreading the Word

If you only need a small, simple website to communicate a message of some kind and you have some knowledge of HTML, you may not need to hire a web-designer. However, if you want people to be able to find your site through search engines, then a web designer 'in the know' is vital.

Even if your site has already been created, Live-Media can advise you on what to do in order to achieve a higher search engine ranking. Even better, assign us the task of developing your site from scratch and we will be able to promote the site further!

Communication - News Feeds

Social networking can be enhanced further, beyond your every day routines. Setup a website so colleagues & family can learn what your up to next. Create a forum to chat or discuss issues with members of a team or fanclub. Whatever your need, a website can keep your contacts up-to-date and allow feedback.

Dynamic Web Page Design & Printing Services